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Detailed classification of scrap aluminum

Aluminum scrap is divided into two categories: new aluminum scrap and old aluminum scrap.

01. New waste aluminum refers to the process waste produced by aluminum processing enterprises and casting production enterprises in the process of manufacturing products, as well as products that are scrapped due to unqualified components and performance. They are generally returned to the original brand alloy by the production enterprises themselves. , There are also some billets that are processed from raw materials and transported to aluminum electrolysis plants for exchange. Such new wastes are not included in the statistics of scrap aluminum.

02. Old scrap aluminum refers to scrap aluminum and scrap aluminum parts purchased from the society, such as old aluminum doors and windows replaced by renovation and decoration houses, scrapped cars, electrical appliances, machinery, aluminum parts in structures, scrap aluminum cans and various Aluminum containers, aluminum conductors and aluminum metal parts that are due to be scrapped or for power grids, old aluminum kitchen utensils, etc., but also include waste and waste produced when aluminum semi-finished products are used to process finished aluminum products. Such as processing aluminum doors and windows, deep-drawn cans, waste materials, chips and waste parts produced when processing castings and forgings.

Classified by transaction volume

According to the types of scrap aluminum by trading volume: the following types of scrap aluminum market have the most transactions: raw aluminum, alloy cooked aluminum, profile aluminum, cans, and aluminum wire.

01. The purest waste aluminum is aluminum wire, which is the clean aluminum wire left after the aluminum rubber is peeled off from the cable. The price of this kind of aluminum wire is relatively high, and the current market price is around 12,500.

02. Raw aluminum is a general term. In some areas, raw aluminum is divided into raw aluminum for machine parts, that is, machine aluminum, or hub aluminum. There are also differences in prices. Broken aluminum has the most impurities and the lowest price. The current market price of crushed aluminum is around 10,000, and the higher price in Zhejiang is around 10,300-10,600.

03. The price of cooked aluminum is similar to that of raw aluminum. Cooked aluminum has good flexibility and is a forgeable material. Raw aluminum is harder. At present, the price of cooked aluminum is 200-300 yuan lower than that of raw aluminum.

04. Profile aluminum refers to 6060 aluminum alloy door and window waste. Imported 6063 materials are higher than domestic ones. Currently, the market price of imported 6063 materials is 11,500, while domestic ones are 11,000. The specific price depends on the cleanliness of the waste.

Classification by recycling price

According to the recycling price of scrap aluminum to classify the types of scrap aluminum: according to the classification of scrap aluminum products and the latest market price, scrap aluminum recycling, aluminum wire recycling, aluminum recycling, recycling scrap aluminum.

Import and Domestic Classification

Imported scrap aluminum

In recent years, China has imported a large amount of scrap aluminum from abroad. As far as the composition of imported scrap aluminum is concerned, most of them are mixed except for a few that are clearly classified. Generally can be divided into the following categories:

A single type of scrap aluminum

This kind of waste aluminum is generally a certain type of waste parts, such as pistons of internal combustion engines, automobile reducer casings, automobile wheels, front and rear safety bolts of automobiles, aluminum doors and windows, etc. These aluminum scraps have been clearly classified when imported, with a single variety and are imported in batches, so they are high-quality recycled aluminum raw materials.

Scrap aluminum chips

Scrap aluminum slices, also referred to as slices for short, are high-grade scrap aluminum. The reason why it is called slicing is that many developed countries use mechanical crushing methods to break them into scraps when dealing with scrapped cars, waste equipment and various types of waste household appliances, and then carry out mechanized sorting to sort out The waste aluminum is scrap aluminum slices.

mixed aluminum scrap

This kind of scrap is the lowest-grade scrap aluminum, and its composition is very complex. It contains 40% to 50% of various scrap aluminum, the rest is scrap steel, a small amount of lead and copper, a lot of garbage, stones and soil, waste plastics, For waste paper, etc., soil accounts for about 25%, steel scrap accounts for 10%-20%, and stones account for 3-5%.

Shredded aluminum recycled in China

Most of the waste aluminum recycled in China is pure and basically free of impurities (except for artificial doping), and can be basically divided into three categories, namely waste cooked aluminum, waste raw aluminum and waste alloy aluminum often referred to by recycling departments.

Raw aluminum waste is mainly waste cast aluminum and waste alloy aluminum, mostly waste machine parts (such as waste auto parts, waste moulds, waste cast aluminum pots, internal combustion engine pistons, etc.);

Waste cooked aluminum generally refers to waste aluminum with an aluminum content of more than 99% (such as waste cables, waste household tableware, kettles, etc.);

Scrap alloy aluminum such as scrap aircraft aluminum, aluminum frame, etc. As far as the production sector is concerned, it can be divided into domestic waste aluminum and industrial waste aluminum.

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