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The thickness of the same batch of 304 stainless steel strips is inconsistent, why?

Sometimes why there are inconsistent thicknesses between the same batch of 304 stainless steel strips? Today, Baowu Steel Group will tell you about the reasons for the inconsistent thickness of 304 stainless steel strips, hoping to clarify for you.

stainless steel strips

1. The influence of temperature change:

Once the temperature of metallurgical spare parts changes, it will affect the production conditions of the rolling equipment, thereby driving the thickness of the 304 stainless steel strip to change. The essence is that the temperature difference causes the thickness to fluctuate. The temperature fluctuation is mainly through the deformation resistance and friction factor of the stainless steel. This results in a change in the thickness between the stainless steel strips

stainless steel strips2

2. Effect of tension change:

The tension will affect the stress state, and can change the metal deformation resistance of the 304 stainless steel strip, and further cause the thickness of the head and tail of the stainless steel strip to change. The change of tension will not only affect the thickness of the head and tail of the stainless steel strip, but also Affects the thickness of other parts of the stainless steel strip

Once the tension is too large, not only the thickness of the 304 stainless steel strip will be affected, but also the width of the stainless steel strip will be affected. Therefore, during the hot continuous rolling process, manufacturers often use loopers to stabilize the tension; Cold rolling is required during the rolling process because the stainless steel strip is hardened during processing, which increases the resistance to deformation.

If you just adjust the roll gap of the steel equipment to change the rolling force, it is very accurate to obtain a suitable reduction ratio, so it is necessary to use a relatively large inter-stand tension to determine the control. In cold rolling production, large tension is necessary .
By reducing the rolling force, the energy consumption of rolling can be reduced, thereby avoiding deviation of the stainless steel strip, and the thickness and deformation of the 304 stainless steel strip can be well controlled.

3. The effect of speed change:
The so-called speed mainly refers to changing the rolling pressure and reduction through the adjustment of the friction factor, deformation resistance and bearing oil film thickness, thereby changing the thickness of the 304 stainless steel strip.

stainless steel strips

4. The influence of roll gap change:
During the rolling process of stainless steel strip, because the rolls and bearings of the rolling mill components are affected by factors such as thermal expansion, roll gap wear, and roll eccentricity, the roll gap of the rolling equipment will produce high-frequency periodic thickness during high-speed rolling. Fluctuation directly affects the thickness of the 304 stainless steel strip.

stainless steel strips

In addition to the above reasons, the fluctuation of the thickness and mechanical properties of the incoming material is also caused by the change of the rolling pressure to cause the thickness of the stainless steel strip to be inconsistent. In addition, the rolling equipment setting calculation deviation, the accuracy of the measuring instrument and The design of control system structure and control parameters will also affect the thickness accuracy of 304 stainless steel strip.

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