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Investment Casting – Everything you need to know
carbon steel and stainless steel
Carbon steel or stainless steel—— which is better?

How to estimate your investment casting cost?

Since different facts directly affect investment casting costs, the best way to estimate investment casting cost is to outline all factors that affect the total cost.

These different facts will have different effects on each case. A better understanding of them is essential for you to consider your castings when making your budget. Therefore, please review the following factors that may affect the investment casting total cost calculator.
Investment casting is the most commonly used method in automobile, gun industry and railway industry. Here, we can see the unique cost of each metal due to various technologies, methods and quality requirements.

Investment Casting Cost1

Material cost - metal

  • Considering the casting process, the amount of material used each time is greater than the final size of the product. This means that we must initially bear a considerable investment in casting costs to obtain the final high-quality products.
    The design engineer decides the metal selection according to the end use of the casting. In addition, factors such as availability, performance and price also affect the selection of materials. The initial cost of metals plays an important role in the final estimation of total production. According to the world economy and availability, the total investment casting cost of the same alloy or metal will vary. In addition, transportation costs and other taxes will also affect the price of materials. Finally, the cost of lost wax casting.
    Some metals are more expensive than others. For example, titanium is more expensive than aluminum. Using the metal alloy calculator, you will quickly and clearly understand the type of metal required for the project.
    Working with metal procurement consultants to develop effective plans for future projects will also be effective in the investment casting cost calculator. Regarding the price of metals, these prices are estimated based on the market, demand and supply. Although there are thousands of steel grades, considering the financial value, we can divide the steel into four categories.
Investment Casting Cost

Design investment casting cost

The complexity of design also affects the cost of investment casting. Complex structures may require some additional procedures and treatments. This will further increase the price of investment casting products.
The number of shell layers also affects the cost of investment casting. The more complex the design you want in your project, the more layers you will need. And investment casting costs will be more expensive.

Investment Casting Cost2

Labor cost of investment casting

Any investment casting company shall add labor cost estimation when calculating the total investment casting cost. The average wage of investment casting workers also has a great impact on the cost estimation of lost wax casting.
Can we reduce labor costs? Considering the calculation of the time required in the manufacturing process of investment casting mold, manual pouring of metal is essential. Also, the time required to remove the part from the mold and clean it is important. Therefore, we cannot exclude the labor cost when making the investment casting cost calculator.

Set cost: Metal Investment Casting

When parts are manufactured in small quantities (e.g., prototypes) compared to large orders, the setup cost per part of metal investment casting is higher. With the increase of production, the cost will increase correspondingly, and the investment casting cost per metal will decrease.

Investment casting mold cost

  • The cost of investment casting mold can be estimated mainly according to the required mold materials. For example, the manufacturing process of the investment casting mold and the material of the cut part.
    Therefore, the cost is determined by the material and manufacturing of the investment casting mold. The choice of materials depends on the required tool life, which is different from the number of orders.
    After considering all these variables, you will get an accurate estimate of the investment casting mold cost of the project. Making business decisions based on accurate estimates is essential to your bottom line.

Output cost of investment casting products

  • The percentage of the weight of investment casting products in the actual casting weight is called the casting yield. The lower the casting yield, the higher the investment casting cost.
    The relationship between the front segment price and the yield is that the cost per kilogram of the front segment of the casting = the cost per kilogram of the front segment of the casting.
    The budget we spend on the front stage of investment casting products per kilogram is inversely proportional to the output. Without products, the effect will be considerable. The unit price per kilogram of molten steel pouring front end is 6 yuan. Through these calculations, we can estimate the investment casting cost per kilogram of investment casting products.
    If the yield is 45%, the wax loss casting cost per kilogram of the front stage of investment casting is 13.33 yuan. If there is 30% productivity, the front part of the casting is 20 yuan / kg. At 60% productivity, the front of precision investment casting is 10 yuan / kg. Less than 3.3 yuan than the average level. Deduct 18.5% from the processing amount. For 304 stainless steel precision casting, the total cost is reduced by about 7%.
    When the yield is 45%, the cost of precision investment casting will increase by xnumx yuan for every 0.3% reduction in cost per kilogram. When the yield is 30%, the cost of the front stage of the precision investment casting will increase by about xnumx yuan per kilogram for every 0.67 percentage point reduction.
    This shows that the yield has a considerable impact on the investment casting cost.
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