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What Aluminium Alloys Can Be Anodised?
What is Anodizing?

What's a threaded rod?

  •  A threaded rod, as its name suggests, is a metal rod that runs through the length of the rod. It is usually made of carbon, galvanized or stainless steel. Threads allow bolts and other types of fasteners to be attached to the rod to accommodate many different construction applications. Threaded rods are commonly used to connect two objects, such as wood or metal, or to provide a connection between concrete and another material.
  • A cylinder having a spiral groove cut into its outer surface or a cone having a conical spiral groove cut into its outer surface. The screw has different head, outer hexagonal screw, large flat screw, inner hexagonal screw and so on.
  • Screw is in high temperature, certain corrosion, strong wear, high torque work, therefore, the screw must:High temperature resistance, high temperature deformation;Wear resistance, long life.High strength, can withstand large torque, high speed;Corrosion resistance, the material has corrosion;Good cutting performance;After heat treatment, the residual stress is small, and the thermal deformation is small.
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How is the threaded rod made?

  • The threaded rod is made of a round rod of a specified grade and diameter.
  • Screw rods of standard diameter and grade are usually produced in batches by thread hobbing machines. This process involves passing the rod through two hardened steel rollers and imprinting the threads onto the rod. These rollers are separated at a specified distance and rotate perpendicular to the direction in which the rod passes through them. The extreme pressure exerted by these rollers shapes the rod into a threaded rod. In this highly automated process, the rod is forced through the roller, the line will be imprinted on the surface. It is then sawed to size and the edges are beveled to provide a smooth, machinable finished surface.
  • Non-standard thread rods are usually made by a cutting process. The rod is cut to a length slightly longer than the desired length and is cut from the surface by a machine which forces a line along the line. It is then cut to a certain length and beveled. This technique is slower and therefore more expensive than thread rolling, and therefore more expensive.
  • The threaded  is usually made of stainless steel, galvanized mild steel or carbon steel, depending on the end application.
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What's the threaded rod for?

  • The  can be used anywhere with large screws, bolts or anchor bolts, but the main use of the threaded rod is when the required length or diameter exceeds that of more traditional bolts or screws. A typical example of using it in this capacity is in large construction projects such as bridges. The length and diameter required here far exceeds that of conventional bolts, so a threaded rod is used instead.
  • Further applications are high tension and vibration loads, such as those found in any internal combustion engine cylinder block.
  • Rebar is a medium-sized steel construction components must be used, China has a certain number of imports every year. The main producing countries and regions are Japan and Western Europe. The number of rebar exports has increased, the main domestic export manufacturers for Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Wuhan, Sichuan, Liaoning and other provinces and cities of steel enterprises. To Hong Kong, Macao and Southeast Asia.
  • The screw is an important part of the injection molding machine, its bulk plastics for transportation, compaction, melting, stirring and pressure and other basic functions, in addition to screw widely used in machining centers, CNC machine tools, injection molding machines, and grinders and other equipment.
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What are the types of threads

Common thread, special fine thread, transition fit thread, interference fit thread, short thread, small thread, square thread, trapezoid thread, short trapezoid thread, arc thread and so on.

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