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Classification of shelve

What material is the shelf made of the Shelves

The upper classes are warehouses, supermarkets, convenience stores, shops and other places with a wide range of uses. There are many types of shelf made, including the following.


Due to the mechanical properties and processing performance of steel is less expensive, so more common, generally using steel and stainless steel.


Wooden made of wood, mostly used for the original family collection or supermarket display.


The warehouse is very light, but the capacity is heavy, generally not used, and in supermarkets, shops, pharmacies, etc. with aluminum convenient.

4. Aluminium

Alloy is an improved version of aluminium with higher capacity but also higher cost.



Paper are generally disposable items for temporary display use at a lower cost.


Plastic is usually smaller in size, load capacity is also general, more used to do display or storage of some common gadgets.

The Shelves can be divided into the following types in terms of materials:

1) Steel shelve: This is the largest selling variety in the market at present. From storage to supermarket, steel shelves have the largest sales. The reason should be the low price of steel raw materials, excellent mechanical properties and good processing properties (such as weldability);
2) Wooden shelves are mostly used for family storage or display in supermarkets
3) Aluminum shelf: because of its lightness and beauty, it is mostly used in supermarkets with limited carrying capacity;
4) Alloy shelf: it is an improved version of aluminum shelf, which improves the bearing capacity, but the cost also increases;
5) Paper shelf: it is usually a disposable product, which is more used in supermarkets;
6) Plastic shelf: usually small in size, used for display or storage of some common gadgets.

Angle steel shelves and stainless steel shelves which is good

What material is the shelf made of Steel is more commonly used, in steel, there are angle steel and stainless steel two more common, so which of these two better?

1、From the aspect of load-bearing, the load-bearing capacity of angle steel is higher than that of stainless steel, although angle steel also belongs to the light shelf, but the single layer load-bearing capacity can also reach 150kg; the load-bearing capacity of stainless steel is lower, generally in about 50kg.

2, from the point of view of the use of performance, the advantage of stainless steel shelve is that the material is not easy to rust, can be applied to more humid, the need for frequent contact with water places; and angle can only be used for dry areas.

3, from the cost point of view, the angle steel its lower cost than the stainless steel, relatively more affordable.

In general, angle steel and stainless steel have their own merits, not necessarily which is better, it can only be said that according to the use of the shelf environment to decide which is more reasonable to choose, wet places to put light goods, with stainless steel shelve better; dry areas more suitable for angle steel.

Depending on the method of classification, there are several broad categories as follows.
  1.  According to the developability of the load construction, straddle type (including anchor type, hydraulic tank type, cantilever type, suspension type hanging cabinet type, saddle type, anchor type, anchor type, anchor type, anchor type)
  2. According to the applicability of different operations, it can be divided into ordinary operations and special operations.
  3. According to the requirement of manufacturing materials are divided into: strictly on request, according to the mixed, wood composite, etc.
  4. It is widely divided into open type, semi-closed type, closed type, etc.
  5. According to the structural characteristics of the shelves can be divided into layer shelves, layer grid shelves, cabinet shelves, drawer shelves, cantilever shelves, triangular shelves, grid shelves, etc.
  6. According to the mobility of the shelves can be divided into fixed shelve, mobile shelve, rotating shelve, combined shelves, adjustable shelve, mobile storage shelve, etc.
  7. According to the use of shelves can be divided into storage shelve, pharmacy shelves, supermarket shelves, etc.
  8. According to the loading method of shelve can be divided into cantilever shelve, cabinet shelve, shed shelve, etc.
  9. According to the height of the shelve can be divided into low-level shelves (less than 5m), mid-level shelves (5-15m) and high-level shelves (more than 15m).
  10. According to the weight of the shelves can be divided into heavy-duty shelve (each layer of bearing capacity of 500kg or more), medium-sized shelves (each layer of bearing capacity of 150-500kg), light shelves (each layer of bearing capacity of less than 150kg per layer).
  11. According to the shelf access mode can be divided into manual access shelve and mechanical access shelve.
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