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Uncover The Mystery Of How Iron Turned Into Steel
Uncover The Mystery Of How “Iron” Turned Into “Steel”?
Description Of 8 Types Of Steel Processing Machines And Equipment
Description Of 8 Types Of Steel Processing Machines And Equipment

Theoretical Weight Table Of Patterned Steel Plate what Are The Types Of Patterned Steel Plate

What is patterned steel plate

Patterned steel plate, also known as mesh steel plate, is a steel plate with diamond-shaped or protruding edges on its surface. The steel plate is made of ordinary carbon steel No.1-3B with thickness of 2.5-8mm, width of 600-1800mm and length of 2000-12000mm.The specification of patterned steel plate is expressed by basic thickness (the thickness of protruding edge is not counted), and there are 10 kinds of specifications. patterned plate No.1-3 steel plate, the height of patterned plate is not less than 0.2 times of the thickness of base material.

One or two or more lentil patterns can be combined to form a circle, or one or two or more lentil patterns. The pattern mainly plays the role of anti-slip and decoration. The comprehensive effect of combined formwork in anti-slip, bending resistance, material saving and appearance is obviously better than that of single formwork.

Patterned steel plates are widely used in shipbuilding, boiler, automobile, tractor, train and construction industries. Patterned steel plate can be used for flooring, factory escalators, work shelf treads, ship decks, car floors, etc. due to its surface with prominent edges and non-slip effect. Patterned steel plate is used for treads in workshops, large equipment or ship walkways and stairs, and is a steel plate with a diamond or lentil-shaped pattern pressed into its surface.


What are the types of patterned steel sheets

1、 According to the process principle, patterned steel is roughly divided into the following categories.

(1) Crystal patterned steel: natural patterned steel, wootz steel/wootz, meteorite iron (black gold), high quality brown patterned steel, high quality political iron.

(2) Crystalline patterned steel: combination of pig iron and “cooked iron”, hundred alloy steel and crucible steel (cast steel)/political steel.

(3) Spin-welded patterned steel: spin-welded into spin-welded inlay steel, spin-welded horse-tooth clamp steel.

(4) Multi-pass clamping steel, pre-built steel forging produced by the pattern: wolf bite edge.

(5) Ground muscle: composite steel model produced by composite soil burning edge technology.

(6) Folded steel: from two or more different carbon content of steel, “iron” material repeatedly folded and forged.

(7) File steel: is obtained by forging and smoothing the surface material that has been filed off by clamping it between the steel pieces of the blade. If properly controlled, these swords have a better pattern, sharper, and have some flexibility.

(8) Machined imitation Damascus pattern steel (pattern steel): Machined imitation Damascus pattern steel is welded to the steel layer by mechanical changes, or synthesized by various procedures, mainly by twisting after filing (cutting) pattern steel, to foreign powder Damascus pattern steel is the best.

(9) molten steel: materials for a variety of different carbon content of steel, using industrial fusion, welding and other processes, can produce a variety of patterns.

(10) Acid-washed type steel: made of uneven surface carburization.

2、 According to the surface flatness: can be divided into plain and coarse grain.

3、 According to the material can be divided into: casting crystalline patterned steel (Uzi steel, political steel) and artificial forging (welding) patterned steel.

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