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The difference between Advanced light steel and heavy steel

Abstract: there is no clear boundary between light steel and heavy steel.

In the design of light steel structures, the strength of the web after flexure is taken into account, so that the tendons can be set up more and the amount of steel used can be reduced, which is a light steel structure. Otherwise the presence of a large amount of heavy steel is also steel construction.

There is no unified standard for judging the structure as heavy steel and light steel structure, but it can be comprehensively considered and judged based on some data:

1、The lifting capacity of the plant crane: 25 tons or more, can be regarded as heavy steel structure.

2、The amount of steel used per square metre: greater than or equal to 50kg/㎡, can be regarded as heavy steel structure.

3、Thickness of steel plate of main components: 10mm or more, less light steel structure.

Differences Between Light Steel And Heavy Steel And Engineering Installation Steps

In addition, there are a number of reference values:

e.g. cost per square metre, maximum component weight, maximum span, structural form and eaves height.

The above can provide empirical data when determining whether a plant is heavy or light steel. Many buildings are, of course, both light and heavy steel.

But some we can say with certainty are heavy steel: for example, petrochemical plant facilities, power plants, large-span stadiums, exhibition centres, high-rise or super high-rise steel structures.

In fact, there is no “heavy steel” in the national codes and technical documents.

In order to distinguish steel structures for light houses, it may be more appropriate to refer to general steel structures as ‘ordinary steel’.

Because the range of ordinary steel structures is so wide that it can include all kinds of steel structures, regardless of load, and even many elements of light steel structures, the Technical Code for Steel Structures in Light Houses only specifies some of the more specific elements. With its “light” character, the scope is limited to single-storey portal frames

Light steel is also a vague term that can be understood in two ways.

 One is the current Code for the Design of Steel Structures (GBJ 17-88), Chapter 11, “Light Steel Structures of Round Steel and Small Angles”, which refers to light steel structures made of less than or equal to round steel and angles. L45 * 4 and L56 * 36 * 4

It can be seen that the difference between light and heavy steel does not lie in the weight of the structure itself, but in the weight of the supporting material, but in the concept of structural design.

Installation and construction steps of light steel structure

Taking the steel structure plant as an example, the hoisting adopts the principle of “first the middle, then the outer side, first the column and then the beam, first the lower part and then the upper part”, first form a stable frame system in the middle part of the plant, then push towards both ends and install the remaining steel columns and steel beams symmetrically, in the following order:

Retest of anchor bolts → unloading of steel components → mobilization inspection of components → direct hoisting of truck crane in place → temporary fastening of anchor bolts → temporary tension and stability of cable wind rope → adjustment of steel column axis position and verticality → fastening of steel column bolts and column base pressing plate Welding → installation of the next steel column → installation of tie bars between steel columns → formation of the first stable lattice system → assembly of steel roof truss into a whole on the ground and lifting in place by two machines to form the first steel roof truss → symmetrical installation of columns and roof truss system on both sides →… → analogy → completion of steel structure installation and structural acceptance.

Advantages and disadvantages of light steel structure houses

The advantages of light steel structure houses

1、Safe and reliable

Housing with steel as the main building material has a high load-bearing capacity per unit volume, is more stable and solid than the traditional brick and wood, brick and mix process, has better seismic, wind, water and fire resistance, and also has heat insulation and sound insulation functions.

Steel has good ductility and can better consume the energy brought by earthquakes, so it has good seismic performance and high structural safety, ensuring the safety of the residence.

2. Simple construction and short construction period

All components are prefabricated in the factory and only need to be assembled on site, greatly shortening the construction period. A building of 6,000 square metres can be basically installed in 40 days.

3. Durable and easy to maintain

A universal computer designed steel building that can withstand harsh weather and requires only simple maintenance.

4. Aesthetically pleasing and practical

The clean, smooth lines of steel buildings have a modern feel.

Coloured walls are available in a wide range of colours and the walls can also be made of other materials, making them more flexible.

5. Green and sustainable

All houses have a certain lifespan. The raw materials removed from brick and mortar houses generally cannot be reused and can produce a lot of waste that pollutes the environment.

The steel of a steel structure house can be 100% recycled and recyclable. The construction and demolition process is less polluting to the environment and meets the requirements of residential industrialisation and sustainable development.

Disadvantages of light steel structure houses

  1.  The cost is relatively higher than that of traditional brick concrete and steel concrete.
  2. With its unique steel framework, wall, roof and other materials, as well as standardized and finalized internal layout and supporting facilities, steel structure residence is difficult to adapt to the habit of “arbitrary treatment” of housing.
  3.  Corrosion of steel: aluminized and zinc plated steel must be used to prevent corrosion to the greatest extent, and the main steel structure can reach 50 years.
  4. There are many requirements for new materials. The structure of steel residence is equipped with thermal insulation and other materials, and light new building materials will be widely used.
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